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Walt Whitman to Anne Gilchrist, 23 March [1877]

Still here & feeling pretty well for me—Shall return to Camden to-morrow or Monday2

W. W.


  • 1. This note bears the address: Mrs Gilchrist | 1929 north 22d Street | Philadelphia. It is postmarked: New York | Mar | 23 | 7 PM | N. Y. [back]
  • 2. Whitman returned to Camden on March 27, Tuesday. Amelia Johnston, John H. Johnston's wife, died on Monday evening, March 26, in giving birth to Harold; see Charles N. Elliot, Walt Whitman as Man, Poet and Friend (Boston: R.G. Badger, 1915), 153. An account of Walt Whitman's New York trip appeared in the Camden Daily Post on March 29. [back]
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