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David Hutcheson to Walt Whitman, 24 November 1880

 upa.00136.004_large.jpg Dear Sir,

I recieved the two volumes of your works yesterday by mail.2 I have had a copy of them for some years, but I wished to send one to a friend in Scotland.

Shall your many friends here have the pleasure of seeing you in Washington this winter?

With good wishes, Yours Faithfully, David Hutcheson.  upa.00136.003_large.jpg


  • 1. Whitman crossed out this letter and wrote on the back part of a draft letter to Rees Welsh & Company, dated June 20, 1882. [back]
  • 2. On November 22, Whitman noted in his Daybooks and Notebooks sending "a set two Vols" to Hutcheson (Daybooks and Notebooks, ed. William White [New York: New York University Press, 1977], 1:212). [back]
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