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Walt Whitman to the Librarian of Congress, 30 July 1884

Copy of | letter sent Librarian of Congress | July 30 1884 | renewal granted & | rec'd by me. Dear Sir

Please give me, (as under Section 6 of your Copyright Directions of 1882), the 14 years renewal of my copyright to the edition of Leaves of Grass granted Sept 11, 1856—Printed title page herewith enclosed—Please send me a certificate of such renewal—One dollar herewith enclosed.

Respectfully &c Walt Whitman

Ainsworth Rand Spofford (1825–1908) was Librarian of Congress from 1864 to 1897. In 1870, Spofford oversaw the transferral of American copyright records to the Library of Congress, also stipulating that two copies of every publication registered for copyright would be housed at the Library of Congress. Whitman suspected that Spofford did not care for the poet or his work; he told Horace Traubel that the librarian "has no use for me" and "suspects my work, sees no excuse for it" (Horace Traubel, With Walt Whitman in Camden, Saturday, May 5, 1888).


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