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are you and me

  • Whitman Archive Title: are you and me
  • Whitman Archive ID: upa.00221
  • Repository: Catalog of the Walt Whitman Literary Manuscripts in the Walt Whitman Collection, Annenberg Rare Book & Manuscript Library, University of Pennsylvania
  • Box: 2
  • Folder: 57
  • Date: 1855 or 1856
  • Genre: poetry
  • Physical Description: 1 leaf, handwritten
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  • Content: Most of the lines in this manuscript amount to a poetic rendering of sentences and phrases drawn from the prose preface to the 1855 Leaves of Grass and constitute a partial draft of the 1856 poem "Poem of Many In One," which eventually became "By Blue Ontario's Shore." The line at the bottom of this manuscript, partially cut away, was also drawn from the 1855 preface but was used in the 1856 poem "Liberty Poem for Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Australia, Cuba, and the Archipelagoes of The Sea," which Whitman titled, in its final version, "To a Foil'd European Revolutionaire." Draft lines on the back of this manuscript (upa.00005) also relate to the preface to the 1855 Leaves of Grass .

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