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[Charles A. Raymond?] to Walt Whitman, 27 March 1878

 uva_jc.00101_large.jpg Mr Walt Whitman My Dear Sir

I am one of those ubiquitous autograph hunters and have written you several times asking the favor of your name, but so far have never received a reply from you. Now if you could take a peep into my album, which I have been over fifteen years in making, and see my fine collection of autograph notes from Tennyson down, I am sure you would be glad to add yours to the number.

If you have made a rule never to reply to requests of this kind, please make an exception in my case and oblige,

Yours obediently Charles A. Raymond  uva_jc.00100_large.jpg


  • 1. The signature on this letter has been partially cut away. Whitman repurposed this letter, writing on the back notes that would become part of his lecture on the death of Abraham Lincoln. [back]
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