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Walt Whitman to John Burroughs, 19 September 1881

Dear John

I keep on fairly in health & strength—have been out here a few days the guest of Mr & Mrs F B Sanborn—& everything most affectionate & hospitable from them both—& from others—Have had a curiously full and satisfactory time with Emerson—he came to see me Saturday evening early, Mrs E also, & staid two hours—Yesterday I went there (by pressing invitation) to dinner, & staid two hours—a wonderfully good two hours—the whole family were very cordial, including Mrs. E. & the son, Edward, a doctor, a fine, handsome, 'cute, glowing young man, with a beautiful wife and child—I took to them all—I cannot tell you how sweet and good (and all as it should be) Emerson look'd and behaved—he did not talk, in the way of joining in any animated conversation, but pleasantly and hesitatingly & sparsely—fully enough—to me it seemed just as it should be—

The book is about through—will appear last of October—every thing satisfactory—I go from here in about a week to Johnston's, cor:​ Mott avenue & 149th St.N.Y.​ —then to Camden—shall go to Canada this winter—

Walt Whitman
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