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Walt Whitman to William Torrey Harris, 28 September 1880

Have finished my summer tour of St Lawrence & the Thousand Islands &c.—have jaunted over 3000 miles mostly river & Lakes—(I believe I sent you a couple of my current letters here in Canada)2 & am now on my way home to Camden N J (stopping here a short time)—I am unusually well & robust for a half-paralytic—Camden will still remain my address. Thanks for the Journals3 which have reach'd​ me—

Walt Whitman


  • 1. This letter is addressed: W. T. Harris | p o box 2398 | St Louis | Missouri U S A. It is postmarked: St. Louis (?) | Sep | (?) | 10 AM | Received. [back]
  • 2. The newspaper accounts of his journey (see the letters from Whitman to Whitelaw Reid of June 17, 1880 and to Peter Doyle of July 24, 1880). [back]
  • 3. The Journal of Speculative Philosophy, of which Harris was the editor (see the letter from Whitman to Harris of October 27, 1879). [back]
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