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Walt Whitman to Richard Worthington, 21 August 1880

My dear Sir1

Some six months ago, you wrote me (I was then laid up ill in St Louis) that you had purchased the electrotype plates of the 1861 Boston ed'n​ of my Leaves of Grass—& making me some proposals about them—To which I made answer at the time, as you probably bear in mind.

Are you still the owner of those plates? Do you still hold to the offer then made by you? Please write me here.

Walt Whitman


  • 1. For a discussion of the Worthington affair, see the letter from Whitman to Richard Watson Gilder of November 26, 1880, where Worthington's letter, which Whitman misinterpreted, is quoted. The poet's letter, probably written in October 1879, is not known. [back]
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