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John Flood, Jr., to Walt Whitman, 11 January 1869

 yal.00124.001.jpg Mr. Walt Whitman, Sir

It is with great pleasure that I sit down with pen in hand to address a few lines to you hoping to find you enjoying good health which same I am enjoying myself.

I felt very sorry that I did not see you previous to your departure for Washington We have had a very pleasant New Year in the city and the weather has continued  yal.00124.002.jpg  yal.00124.003.jpg very favorable since with the exception of one snow storm, but as luck would have it I was not exposed to it, for I have been discharged from the Road since New Years Eve and have not done anything since, in fact I have not had a chance to look for anything since because I have been suffering with a very sore foot which has confined me to the house, but I am now able to walk around and hope shall be able to find something to do very shortly as I do not feel contented without working; but still and withal I hope that will not be the cause of separating  yal.00124.004.jpg our friendship for no matter where I am employed or what it may be at I shall still continue to correspond and can never forget your kind friendship towards me

Wishing you many a Happy Year I remain Your True and Ever intimate friend John Flood, Jr. No. 50. Governeur St. N.Y City.
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