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Stephen K. Winant to Walt Whitman, May 1870

 yal.00133.001_large.jpg Mr Walter Whitman Dear Sir

I have an application in for a Pension for a Wound received in action in front of Petersburgh on March the 25th 1865. My Discharge Papers are in the Hands of John P Hunt Attorney and Counsellor at Law 247 Broadway I wish you would do me the favor of of​ Looking up my Claim and Pushing it through for me as I have suffered a great Deal from the wound and am still suffering from it. I have Had the Best Doctors in New York to attend me but seem to do no good I have been sick for the Last Three months unable to do anything from cause of Wound. I Enclose You a Certificate from Dr Corson who attended me after I was first wounded and he has recently Examined it and I can show Certificates of Half a Dozen of the Best Doctors in the City and Staten Island Friend Whitman I Enlisted under the Name of James W Roberts in October for one year in the 88th N.Y. Infantry Co A Colonel Denis F Burke1 and was wounded in the Leg on the 25th of March in action in front of Petersburgh I wish you would  yal.00133.002_large.jpg  yal.00133.003_large.jpg write me on Receipt of this and Let me know if you can do anything for me and if you know anything of this John P Hunt and weather​ he is an authorized claim agent or not and about how Long Before my Claim will be settled by doing this favor for me you will Confer a Lasting favor

Yours truly Stephen K Winant 435 West 32d Street Between 9 & 10th Avenue New York City

Please return this Certificate

SKW.  yal.00133.004_large.jpg

Stephen K. Winant served as a Union Soldier in the U. S. Civil War, enlisting under the name James W. Roberts. There is record of a James W. Roberts serving in the 88th New York Infantry, which was one of the regiments collectively known as "The Irish Brigade" during the Civil War.


  • 1. Colonel Dennis F. Burke (1840–1893) served in the 88th New York Infantry (also known as the "Irish Brigade") during the U. S. Civil War. [back]
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