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Mary Van Nostrand to Walt Whitman, 23 December [1883?]

 yal.00306.001_large.jpg 1883. Dear Brother Walter

I received a letter from you last night and an order for my annual christmas present and I do think you are a dear good brother to remember me so often I thank you ever and ever so much and hope you are feeling better this winter but am afraid you are not as you did not say any thing about it in your letter

I am not feeling well at all this winter not sick abed but a pain in my side all the time but I suppose we must expect  yal.00306.002_large.jpg pains and aches as we are growing old but I am thankful I am no worse can get around and do my work Ansel is well has been out of work for two months but we get along very well I would like to see you very much and still think you will come this way some day. I am ashamed of myself for not writing to you oftener but I have got so out of the way of writing it seems a job to get at it. I receive papers and books quite often from you and am glad to get them I got a picture from you a while ago and as you did not say whose it was  yal.00306.003_large.jpg I did not know but suppose it was one of Jeffs daughters I also received hannah's but I should not have known her either if her name had not been on it

I do not suppose I should ever know any thing about the family if it was not for you as I never get a letter from any of them but I often think of them all and dear mother every day

Again I say thank you and hope we shall both live to see each other once more

From your loving Sister Mary  yal.00306.004_large.jpg  yal.00306.005_large.jpg  yal.00306.006_large.jpg
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