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Title: This list of one week's

Creator: Walt Whitman

Date: Between 1850 and 1860

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Editorial note(s): At one point, this manuscript likely formed part of Whitman's cultural geography scrapbook.

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This list of one week's issue of patents from the National Patent office at Washington illustrates America and American character about as much as any thing I know.—(Remember the show at the Crystal Palace, and the American Institute Fairs.)

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List of Patents Issued from the United States Patent Office for the week ending May 12, 1857—each bearing that date:

Iron plate railroad car wheels: G. W. Alden, New York, N. Y.
Apparatus for heating and cooking by gas: R. Snowden Andrews, Baltimore, Md.
Self-indicating balance: Z. W. Avery and Otis Avery, Bethany, Pa.
Signal lamps: R. P. Bailey, Niagara, N. Y.
Rotary shingle cutter: Wm. Bevard, St. Louis, Mo.
Stitch for sewing machines: Chas. F. Bosworth, Petersham, Mass.
Portable barrack: Matthias F. Brantingham, Sangamon Co., Ill.
Bumper railroad car brakes: Louis Brauer, Sommerville, Tenn.
Corn planters: Jno. Broughton, New York, N. Y.
Apparatus for roasting meat: Jno. G. Brown and Jno. P. Derby, South Reading, Mass.
Seed planters: Jno. H. Bruen, Penn Yan, N. Y.
Mode of overcoming the windage in firearms: Ambrose E. Burnside, Bristol, Mass.
Machines for making lozenges: Oliver R. Chase, of Boston Mass., and Silas E. Chase, Charlestown, Mass
Machine for cutting match splints: Thomas Cook, New York, N. Y.
Artificial honey: Zenes Corbin and Gideon Marlett, Syracuse, N. Y.
Horse shoes: David Cumming, Sorrel Horse, Pa.
Hook temples for looms: Warren C. Dutcher, and George Draper, Milford, Mass.
Method of connecting the check piece to the mouth piece of bridle bits: Kesson Frazer, Syracuse, N. Y.
Corn hunkers: E F. French, Franklin, Vt.
Mode of constructing portable houses: Daniel Fitzgerald, New York, N. Y.
Semi-rotative steam engines: C. B. Gallegher, Alleghany City, Pa.
Needles for sewing: Benjamin Garvey, New York, N. Y.
Nail plate feeder: Jno. C. Gould, Boonton, N. J.
Hemp brakes: J. Locke Hardeman, Arrow Rock, Mo.
Seed planters: John Haselton, Orford, N. H.
Propeller blades: Geo. Hibsch, Buffalo, N. Y.
Harvesters: Moses G. Hubbard, Penn Yan, N. Y.
Presses for cottom, &c.: Henry Hughes, Port Gibbon, Miss.
Process of treating raw cotton: Julius C. Hurd, Medway, Mass.
Folding bedsteads: James A. Johnson, Antrim, Ohio.
Bed bottoms: J. F. Keller, Cleveland, Ohio.
Coal stoves: John C Keller, Philadelphia, Pa.
Blacksmiths' strikers: Hartwell Kendall, East Dorset, Vt.
Mortising chisel: Geo. P. Ketchum, Bedford, Ind.
Joiner's plane: Benjamin J. Lane, Newburyport, Mass.
Cartridges: Edw'd Lindner, New York, N. Y.
Machine for boring flue sheets of steam boilers: Sylvanus V. Lowe, Reading, Pa.
Clearing guard of grain elevators: Geo. Mann, Jr., Ottawa, Ill.
Machines for engraving cylinders: Robt. Muckett and Wm. Rigby, Salford, England.
Blasting powder: Antoino Murtineddu, Marseilles, France
Joiner's bench trip: Chas. T. Pearson, Chelsea, Mass.
Locks: Stuart Perry, Newport, N. Y.
Coal cracker: Townsend Poore, Carbondale, Pa.
Devulcanizing India rubber; ante-dated April 1, 1857: Conrad Poppenhusen and Ludwig Held, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Piano-forte bridge: Thos, E, Power, Columbia, Mo.
Fountain pens: Chase. Adolphus Rosefield, Columbus, Ga.
Binding books: Archibald H. Rowand, Alleghany, Pa.
Machine for planing chair seats: Edward Q. Smith, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Heating soldering tools by gas: J. Henry Stimpson, Boston, Mass.
Field fence: Seth C. Tufts, Mainville, O.
Soap substitute for scouring woolens: Louis Wilman, Worcester, Mass.
Rock drills: John D. Hope, Niagara Falls, N. Y., assignor to G. Arthur Gardner, New York. N. Y.
Seed planter: Charles Ketchum, Penn Yan, N. assignor to Charles G Judd, same place.
Sub-marine excavator: William Kennish Brooklyn, N.Y., assignor to Andrew B. Gray, San Diego, Cal.
Copying preses: Wm. Morris Smith, Washington, D. C., assignor to himself and Peter Hannay.
Gas generators. James A. Bruce, Baltimore, Md., assignor to the Maryland Portable Gas Company, same place.
Method of preparing canvass for printing, painting &c., Elisha Lee, Baltimore, Md.
Re-issue—Hanging shafts in mills. Pantented October 9, 1849. Jos. Bancroft, executor of Edward Bancroft, deceased, late of Philadelphia, Pa.



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