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Editorial Work on the New York Aurora

The New York Aurora was established in November 1841 as an "American newspaper" that would concentrate on American writers and American news in contrast to what the editors saw as an undue preoccupation with European writers and news in most of the New York City newspapers. The Aurora was a daily of four pages, which sold for two cents a copy, and was initially edited by Thomas Low Nichols, a social reformer and journalist. When Nichols left the paper in February 1842, Whitman was named the editor by the publishers, who announced on March 28, 1842 that they had "secured the services of MR. WALTER WHITMAN, favorably known as a bold, energetic and original writer, as their leading editor." Whitman published two poems in the Aurora—one before his official editorial tenure and one during it—but left his position as editor by late April, following disagreements with the publishers over their efforts to shape his editorials.

A longer introduction to Whitman's work for the Aurora is available here.

The Whitman Archive presents page images of the Aurora from 28 March 1842, when Whitman was announced as editor, through 30 April 1842, when he had likely left the paper. The New York Aurora has been digitized from original print issues held at the Paterson Free Public Library, Paterson, NJ.

Clicking on a thumbnail image below will open a larger image, from which users can navigate forward and backward within the issue. To close images of an issue, click in the background. We are in the process of developing a more effective interface for the presentation of the newspaper.

28 March 1842

29 March 1842

30 March 1842

1 April 1842

2 April 1842

4 April 1842

5 April 1842

6 April 1842

7 April 1842

8 April 1842

9 April 1842

11 April 1842

12 April 1842

13 April 1842

14 April 1842

15 April 1842

16 April 1842

18 April 1842

19 April 1842

20 April 1842

21 April 1842

22 April 1842

23 April 1842

25 April 1842

26 April 1842

27 April 1842

28 April 1842

29 April 1842

30 April 1842

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