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Whitman's Poems First Published in Periodicals

Whitman's Poems in Periodicals, edited by Susan Belasco and assisted by Elizabeth Lorang, is devoted to the approximately 160 poems that Whitman published in 45 different newspapers, magazines, and journals from the late 1830s until his death in 1892. (These estimates may change as this project develops.) This section of the Archive brings together an important collection of first printings of Whitman's poems that have never before been systematically gathered, edited, and studied. Here readers can see Whitman's poems as they appeared in their original print contexts and they can appreciate Whitman's extensive involvement in the periodicals that helped shape his career.

The editing of Whitman's poems in periodicals has been funded in part by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Research Council and the UNL Arts and Humanities Enhancement Fund.

First periodical printings of Whitman's poems

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