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This searchable bibliography contains articles, books, chapters of books, and poems about Whitman, published from 1838 to the present. There are thousands of entries in the database, most of which are annotated.

Entries will be returned that contain the search text for the criteria specified. The YEAR is the only Search Criteria that must match exactly. All others will return partial matches. KEYWORD searches will search all fields and often produce the most successful results. Search results will be displayed chronologically from most recent year to least recent and alphabetically by author's last name for entries within the same year.

Users searching for authors and titles containing diacritical marks: Do not use diacritical marks when searching the Walt Whitman Archive bibliography. Simply enter all letters without diacritical marks ("Grunzweig" instead of "Grünzweig", for example).

Search the Bibliography

Search for entries that contain the Keyword text in either the Author, Title, Publisher, or Annotation fields.
Search for entries that contain the Author text, in the format of Lastname, Firstname.
Search for entries that contain the Title text.
Search for entries that contain the Publisher text.
Search for entries that match the Year text. All available years are listed.
Search for entries that contain the Annotation text, a short commentary on the entry.
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Search Tips

Do not use quotation marks or Boolean operators ("+", "-", "AND", and so on). A general rule: shorter entries produce better results. If you are searching for all entries that deal with "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry," for example, enter "Brooklyn Ferry" or even just "Ferry" (without quotation marks) in the KEYWORD field and click SEARCH. You may use an initial space in order to delimit results: if, for example, you are searching for "race" in the KEYWORD field, the program will deliver all instances of that four-letter string, including "Horace," "trace," and "grace." To eliminate most unwanted results, then, enter a space before "race" in the KEYWORD field. Similarly, entering "rac" with a space before it will call up all instances of "racial" and "racism" as well as "race." The "%" is the wildcard: if you are unsure, for example, of how to spell "calamus," you could enter "cal%mus" to call up all instances of "calamus." The search engine is not case-sensitive.

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