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Thomas Jefferson Whitman to Walt Whitman, [19 March 1863]


I had commenced a letter to you but as it embraced abt​ what Mammy has said I will not send it just now.1 I will send the paper2 &c to day I guess. I am  duk.00426.003.jpg sorry that you omitted to put in  duk.00426.002.jpg Probasco's3 name in the list of those that sent money, could it be easily corrected. You will hear from me in a day or so.—

Jeff  duk.00426.004.jpg  duk.00426.005.jpg  duk.00426.006.jpg

Thomas Jefferson Whitman (1833–1890), known as "Jeff," was Walt Whitman's favorite brother. As a civil engineer, Jeff eventually became Superintendent of Water Works in St. Louis and a nationally recognized figure. For more on Jeff, see Randall Waldron, "Whitman, Thomas Jefferson (1833–1890)," Walt Whitman: An Encyclopedia, ed. J.R. LeMaster and Donald D. Kummings (New York: Garland Publishing, 1998).


  • 1. Jeff wrote this short note at the top of his mother's letter to Walt Whitman dated March 19, 1863. [back]
  • 2. See Thomas Jefferson Whitman's letter to Walt Whitman from March 3, 1863. [back]
  • 3. Samuel R. Probasco (1833–1910) was an assistant engineer at the Brooklyn Water Works from 1856 to 1868 and principal assistant engineer on the Brooklyn Water Board from 1871 to 1875. [back]
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