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Walt Whitman to James T. Fields, 14 January 1869

My dear Mr. Fields:1

Please remember to send me the 30 copies of February Atlantic as soon as convenient.

Direct to me at this office, & send by express—freight to be paid by me.

Walt Whitman


  • 1. Walt Whitman sent "Proud Music of the Sea-Storm" (later called "Proud Music of the Storm"), which James T. Fields (1817–1881), editor of the Atlantic Monthly, promptly accepted for the magazine. After Emerson, who had received "Proud Music of the Sea-Storm" in Whitman's November 30, 1868 letter, delivered the poem to Fields, Fields sent $100 to Whitman on December 5, 1868. He informed Whitman on December 14, 1868 that if he was to get the poem into the February issue it would be impossible to send proof to Washington. "Proud Music of the Sea-Storm" did, however, appear in the February 1869 issue of the Atlantic Monthly and was the second of Whitman's poems to appear in the magazine; "Bardic Symbols" was published in 1860. [back]
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