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Walt Whitman to S. S. McClure, 25 June 1887


Yours with $25 as pay for the little piece has reach'd me—Thanks, & this is the receipt2

Walt Whitman  loc.03105.001_large.jpg

Samuel Sidney McClure (1857–1949) was an investigative journalist who in 1884 established the first newspaper syndicate in the United States, which occasionally solicited and published work by Whitman; later, he co-founded McClure's Magazine, which published work by Whitman posthumously.


  • 1. This postal card is addressed: S S M'Clure | Tribune Building | New York City. It is postmarked: Philadelphia | Jun | 25 | 4 PM | Transit; P.O. | 6-25-87 | 12 P | N.Y. [back]
  • 2. See the letter from Whitman to the S. S. McClure Syndicate, June 14, 1887. [back]
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