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Walt Whitman to S.S. McClure Syndicate, 14 June [1887]

I am inclined to say yes to Mr McClure's proposition. Will a week or ten days from now do, to send in the piece, if at all? Please send me Mr. McClure's address, as I sh'd like to treat with him.1

Walt Whitman

Samuel Sidney McClure (1857–1949) was an investigative journalist who in 1884 established the first newspaper syndicate in the United States, which occasionally solicited and published work by Whitman; later, he co-founded McClure's Magazine, which published work by Whitman posthumously.


  • 1. On June 25 Whitman sent McClure "The Dying Veteran," for which he received $25 (see letter from Whitman to S. S. McClure, June 25 1887). The poem appeared in McClure's Magazine in June, in the Springfield Daily Republican on July 11, and in the Pall Mall Gazette (London) on July 9. [back]
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