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Walt Whitman to Louisa Drewry, 1 July 1890

In accordance with the note of June 20 (recd. with pay, thanks) I send same mail, same address as this the two Vols. requested. Soon as they arrive wd. you kindly send me word?1

Walt Whitman

Louisa Drewry (1834–1916) of Middlesex, England, began teaching Greek and Latin classes for women in the early 1860s. She became a founding faculty member of The Working Women's College in 1864. She continued teaching classes for women in literature, composition, and history until approximately 1910, and she had amassed a library of 2,000 books by the time of her death in 1916. She was a member of the Browning Society, a contributor to the English Woman's Journal, and is author of A Simple Method of Grammatical Analysis (London: George Bell & Sons, 1891).


  • 1. On June 20, 1890, Louisa Drewry, whom H. Buxton Forman mentioned in his letters of June 4, 1890 and June 16, 1890, requested copies of Complete Poems & Prose and the pocket-book edition of Leaves of Grass, published in 1889 in honor of Whitman's seventieth birthday, and sent £2.8. [back]
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