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Walt Whitman to William D. O'Connor, 3 August [1882]

Thank you for sending me Herman Grimm on Emerson2—Seems to me, (colloquial & rather hurried as it is) it is the only fine & worthy utterance on the subject I have yet seen—I am well (upon the whole)—"Specimen Days" is getting along to the 100th page in the foundry—the second & a little larger ed'n L of G. launch'd to-day3



  • 1. This letter is endorsed: "No answer." It is addressed: Wm D O'Connor | Life Saving Service Bureau | Washington D C. It is postmarked: Philadelphia | Aug | 3 | 5(?) PM | Pa.; Washington, D.C. | Aug | 4 | 4 AM | 1882 | Recd. [back]
  • 2. Grimm's article was included in Essays on Literature, translated by Sarah H. Adams (1886). [back]
  • 3. The edition appeared on the following day (see the letter from Whitman to O'Connor of August 6, 1882). [back]
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