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Walt Whitman to William D. O'Connor, 6 August [1882]

Nothing specially new—I am well—pleasant weather—the 2d Phila ed'n was delay'd till Friday last—commenced coming in at noon—by noon next day (yesterday) 500 had been sold2Specimen Days is jogging along—neither very fast, or slow—You will get a copy of the Phila. ed'n L of G to-morrow or next day, as I have requested one sent you—by what I can learn there is no Florio Montaigne3 to be had for love or money—Have been in all day finishing up copy of S. D. for the printers—Out now to p.o.4



  • 1. This letter is endorsed: "Answ'd Aug 19/82." It is addressed: Wm D O'Connor | Life Saving Service Bureau | Washington D C. It is postmarked: Camden | Aug | 6 | 6 PM | N.J.; Washington, D.C. | Aug | 7 | 4 AM | 1882 | Recd. [back]
  • 2. Whitman never stated the exact number of copies of the second Philadelphia impression. Since he referred to the "cautious 1000" copies of the first impression, presumably this printing was larger. Whitman wrote in a letter to John Burroughs on August 13 that the second impression was "now nearly gone." On August 27 he wrote to O'Connor that Rees Welsh & Co. were "paying out their 3d edition." On September 17 he wrote to O'Connor that "they are now on their fourth Phila: ed'n L of G." The fifth impression was run off in October (see the letter from Whitman to Sylvester Baxter of October 8, 1882). [back]
  • 3. See the letter from Whitman to O'Connor of July 21, 1882. [back]
  • 4. In his answer on August 19, O'Connor mentioned with resentment that J. B. Gilder, of The Critic, was supporting Chadwick and deplored the fact that Leaves of Grass, according to the New York Tribune on August 15, was now "proscribed by Trinity College, Dublin" (Horace Traubel, With Walt Whitman in Camden, Wednesday, October 17, 1888, 496). [back]
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