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Sparkles from the Wheel

  • Whitman Archive Title: Sparkles from the Wheel
  • Whitman Archive ID: uva.00234
  • Repository: Catalog of the Walt Whitman Literary Manuscripts at the Clifton Waller Barrett Library of American Literature, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia
  • Folder: 50-51
  • Date: 1871
  • Genre: poetry
  • Physical Description: 2 leaves, 25.5 x 20 cm, handwritten
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  • Content: First published not in the 1860 Leaves of Grass , but in the separate publication Passage to India in 1871. Whitman penciled in the note "Long Primer / middling wide measure" in the upper left corner of the first leaf, and on the verso of the second wrote and deleted (also in pencil) the note "The worship of God is, honoring his gifts in other men, each according to his genius, & loving the greatest men best. Those who envy or calumniate great men, hate God William Blake[.]" After being bound with the rest of the Passage to India poems as a supplement to Leaves of Grass , in 1881 the poem was permanently transferred to the cluster Autumn Rivulets within the main body of Leaves of Grass .

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