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Walt Whitman to Ellen M. Abdy-Williams, 7 January 1885

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Yours of Dec. 25 rec'd—with £1 for books—I forward them by this mail—Leaves of Grass and Specimen Days—two Vols—

—As soon as they reach you safely will you kindly send me a card notifying me?2

Walt Whitman

Ellen Mary Abdy-Williams (1857–1937) was a British author and journalist, who began editing the literary periodical Time in 1885. She was married to education reformer Bernhard Whishaw (1857–1914) and published some of her work as "Mrs. Bernhard Whishaw."


  • 1. This postal card is addressed: E M Abdy-Williams | Care of Messrs. Sonnenchein | Time monthly office | White Hart Street Paternoster Square | London EC England. It is postmarked: CAMDEN | Jan | 7 | 2 PM | 1885 | N.J.; PHILADELPHIA, P.A. | JAN | (?) | (?) [back]
  • 2. The two volumes miscarried, as Miss Abdy-Williams informed Whitman on March 18; he sent other copies on March 31 (Whitman's Commonplace Book). [back]
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