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1WITH antecedents;
With my fathers and mothers, and the accumulations
of past ages;
With all which, had it not been, I would not now be
here, as I am:
With Egypt, India, Phenicia, Greece and Rome;
With the Kelt, the Scandinavian, the Alb, and the
With antique maritime ventures,—with laws, artizan-
ship, wars and journeys;
With the poet, the skald, the saga, the myth, and the
With the sale of slaves—with enthusiasts—with the
troubadour, the crusader, and the monk;
With those old continents whence we have come to this
new continent;
With the fading kingdoms and kings over there;
With the fading religions and priests;
With the small shores we look back to from our own
large and present shores;
With countless years drawing themselves onward, and
arrived at these years;
You and Me arrived—America arrived, and making
this year;
This year! sending itself ahead countless years to come.


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